The Salon of the Artist Liano de Londjet



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  wpe1.jpg (63385 bytes)      Heaven    




  wpe5.jpg (38043 bytes)      P-Com Blues


        Mother and Child


    wpe4.gif (39098 bytes)      My Giraffe, How Tall You've Grown


  wpeD.gif (10515 bytes)      Jean-sensei's Graphic


  wpe8.gif (53703 bytes)      Ladies for the New Millennium


  wpeD.gif (23976 bytes)      The Basin


  wpe9.jpg (32717 bytes)      Glad Tidings


  wpe11.gif (46402 bytes)      Urban Life





The cost of an original graphic is $1200.  You'll be sent over the Internet the graphic as either a JPG, GIF file.  You will also be sent by  regular, insured mail a "hard" copy of the graphic which will be dated, signed by Liano de Londjet, and numbered one-of-one.  All rights to the graphic will be assigned to the buyer.

We regret that using this service provided by the artist does not lend itself to escrow transactions.

To order an original work of computer-generated artwork for you or your company, direct an email inquiry to the artist in Japan.



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